Blue Nude

In this page I’m going to publish all the process and information about Blue Nude.

I don’t know how to start so I was thinking on my influences as an starting point.

My background is in architecture, I studied architecture in Guadalajara the hometown of Luis Barragán.

Abstract Influences

There’s something about silence and introspection in the work of Luis Barragán that hypnotized me. How he did that? Whit very few elements and a bunch of color achieve an state of mind.

And then I discovered the Bauhaus, a school of design at the beginning of 20th century that question the way of doing design, art, architecture.

And with the Bauhaus came Josef Albers and his theory about composition and color, you should check this book in Amazon, just click in the image.

So the QR code in the background of the drawing resembles me those squares of Josef Albers but also Mondrian. At the beginning I wanted to put a Mondrian in the background, so this QR that bring you here is inspired in this two abstract painters.

Yves Klein has been a big influence for me. His work is like a living teacher about conceptual art, about narrative, maybe the blue color in the drawing has a direct influence from Yves.

Figurative Influences

Joohn Currin is an American painter based in New York City. He is best known for satirical figurative paintings which deal with provocative sexual and social themes in a technically skillful manner. Wikipedia

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