Price Market

It’s funny, we were trying to update the value of a Gaby’s jade piece: a small Chinese sculpture of a bird of about 10 “(25cm) high. We think that one way to get an idea of the price was looking at some websites. We look for similar pieces on eBay and Christie’s among other places, and we realized how uneven the art market may be: Two jade carvings of similar size and similar style might vary in price from 1 to 100, ie while one may be worth $ 1.00 the other can be worth up to $ 100.00. What is it that makes one worth more than the other?

According to Wikipedia ( “Price is what a buyer pays to acquire products from a seller”. So, every seller could set a price to their merchandise and every buyer could offer a price to buy merchandise; but the real price is when seller and buyer get an agreement and the buyer pays. Before that there is not a “real” price, only dreams.

We realized that in the art market nothing is written; all depends on the buyer and seller, and their willingness to exchange a value.

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