Merry Christmas

merry_christmas_not_happy_holidays_sticker-p217577278166445745envb3_400When I was a Child, each year when the Winter solstice became closer, you could see in the business and shops: Merry Christmas… In the last years this has changed and now we can see the politically correct euphemism: “Happy Holidays”.
This week the transit service in my town (Saskatoon, SK), receive complain about the sign in a bus that reads: “Merry Christmas”, that this was not correct and that the city should respect what other people believes.
Is it too bad to wish Merry Christmas to people from other religions? Is that an insult that we should avoid? Is there any difference if instead of Merry Christmas you use Happy Holidays but surround it with Christmas symbols like a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and reindeers?
I am not a believer, but I like this tradition and I like to set toys under the tree in the Christmas’ eve and see my son open the present in the Christmas morning. Is that so bad?
I’m an immigrant and I know that if I want to be integrated in the society I have to embrace the traditions of my new country, so I won’t stop the right of the people to their own traditions and to wish Merry Christmas.

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