Bargain Books

9036627532Last week I visited the bookstore and I found a bargain almost impossible to refuse: a beautiful lobster cookbook: over 100 beautifully illustrated pages with all kinds of recipes about lobster: lobster lasagna, lobster clam chowder, lobster thermidor … exquisite photographs and just for CDN $ 2.00 (about USD$ 2.00).
We had it in my basket when I started to think: How many times have eaten lobster in the last 10 years? No more than ten times. Of those times, how many have been cooked in our house? Probably a couple of times.
I like the lobster prepared in the simplest way: boiled and buttered, but if I wanted to make it otherwise I might consult the recipe on the Internet and have a hundred recipes for making a lasagna lobster or clam chowder. So, Why do I want a beautiful lobster recipes for only $ 2.00? just to decorate my library. After this reflection, I put the book on the counter.

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