Classifieds: everybody is selling, everybody is buying; an slogan in Mexico said: “Somebody has what you are looking for and somebody is looking for what you have”… Is just like love!

It’s funny the stuff that you can find on it. From real garbage at high rise prices to real work of art for free (I’m not kidding).

One of my hobbies is to looking for at the classifieds 20th century modern furniture from the Bauhaus,Mies Van Der Roe, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto… It’s frustrating, In most of the days you won’t find anything and if you live in an small town as myself in Saskatoon, SK, Canada it is almost never when you find something. But, there is a rare occasion when you can find a bargain.

Last week I found a copy of Le Corbusier’s Chais Longue LC4 in a very attractive price US$220.00, almost the same price than a futon at Wal Mart.  

Similar items at eBay or are between $800.00 and $1,300.00 plus shipment (another $200.00, so almost the cost of this piece).

What is the price ot the stuff? Dr. Alexander Elder in his book ‘Trading for a living’ said: “A trade occurs when there’s a momentary meeting of two minds: an eager bulls agrees to a seller’s term and pays up, or an eager bear agrees to a buyer’s term and sells a little cheaper.”

The price is nothing more than a momentary meeting of two minds that interchange a product for money.

Classifieds are just like love: Somebody has what you are looking for and somebody is looking for what you have and when you find that person, there’s a sparkle that start up the engine.Image

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