Professional or just hobby?

Drawing a portrait with color ballpoint pens

Every morning I woke up at 5:30 am for painting before going to job (my wife said “real job”, the one that pays bills). Yes I’m working as a electronic support technician and database analyst during the day but also I’m an artist, and everyday I make art.

The other day I went to an interview with a local art gallery and the gallerist complains that I’m not a full time artist and I don’t have a big catalog; well yes I cannot make too much art, I’m trying to be an Hyperrealist artist and every work takes months to complete, is that bad, does the galleries prefer “fast-art” something that can be made in a week and can be sold easily? I know that they also have to pay rent and bills but is it fair to complain about an slow production?
No, I resist to believe that my work is not worthy just because it takes too long to complete and I resist too to call myself professional visual artist just because my work is not in galleries and museums and I’m no selling it.

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