Fifty ways not to approach to an art gallery.

Composición con Jarritos, I exhibited this painting 20 years ago in Mexico City and it was well accepted by the local press

Yes, you read well, maybe I do not know how to approach to a gallery to show my work but I’m an expert in failing at that. I have so many experiences in being rejected by a gallery that I can write a book about it.
Why it’s so difficult to show my work in a gallery? Why the system is so closed that it’s almost impossible to break inside their barriers?
My credentials are not bad as artist, I have been in more than 20 collective exhibitions and around 5 solo exhibitions, my work has been in museums, art fairs and festivals around the world: Mexico City, Bogota, San Francisco, Melbourne, Granada… you name it, but I’m still not getting a gallery representation and here in my home town Saskatoon, Canada in the prairies is even worst I haven’t receive even an answer from the local galleries.
I am so embarrassed about failing so much and I don’t know what more I can do so I decided to start a new plan, I called it: “100 rejections in 100 days”. My plan was to submit my work or at least introduce myself to 100 galleries in 100 days.
Up to now it has been a great experience for me about building a portfolio, setting up my own website, writing my resumé and cover letters, but in the other side it’s been a disaster: total silence, not even a word nor an emoticon.
I’m going to start posting my experience in this new adventure so don’t go away, subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram.

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