100 days 100 Galleries; Day 18: Reiter Galleries, Berlin

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Hello,
I have a blog about galleries and their relationship with artists, I want to feature you gallery.
How do yo describe the gallery as a way of introduction?

Reiter Galleries (RG): nothing

This is more complicated each day, I don’t like to introduce myself as a blogger; I’m an artist, I do not write art gallery reviews and I don’t want to grade them because of their answers or what they show this is not the Michelin Guide of the art world. My quest is primary breaking up the code of communication between artists and dealers and most of the time there’s no communication at all, it seems as an impossible task. I don’t even know if they saw my DM or if they care.

This gallery doesn’t have a Submission dedicated part in their website or any kind of instructions for submitting, there’s only a note at the end of the “Contact” page: “Please note that the gallery does not accept unrequested submissions”. It’s like a small fortress nobody can get in, i’ts just for initiated artists.

An update: On day 12 I featured Foster / White Gallery from Seattle, I submitted my work and this is what they answer:

Dear Carlos,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in the Foster/White Gallery. We enjoyed the opportunity to see your work and found it to be beautifully done. 

Unfortunately, we feel we are not the right fit to represent your work. We do however wish you every success in your future creative endeavors and thank you again for your time.



Foster/White Gallery  220 Third Avenue South #100, Seattle, WA 98104  206.622.2833

It’s seems that at the end there were some kind of communication with this gallery, well I have to keep trying.

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