100 days 100 galleries: Day 30: Galerie Jousse Enterprise, Paris France

For almost 30 years, Philippe Jousse has had a deep interest in the aesthetics of 20th century furniture, ceaselessly contributing to the recognition of designers and artists such as Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Mathieu Matégot, Le Corbusier… He has played an essential role in the development of French and foreign collectors’ tastes, by developing two parallel activities, in architect-designed furniture and in contemporary art. In 2001, Philippe Jousse separated his activities and opened a gallery dedicated to promoting contemporary art. The artistic line adopted aims to support emerging artists at the same time as renowned figures. The artists represented by the Jousse Entreprise gallery are mostly French, and enjoy an international standing.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I have the perception that there was a peak in furniture in the 20th century and now it has been almost banished, what do you recommend me about modern furniture in 21st century?

Galerie Jousse Enterprise (GJE): Dear Carlos,
You can send your message to @jousseenterprise which is the account devoted to architect furniture.
Best regards.

Checkmate! Is this count as a close encounter? I don’t think so, I was struck out and I don’t even try to bat.

This is an interesting gallery in Paris about modern furniture but also about artworks related to modern furniture, if we think in the 20th century we would find in a gallery like this furniture from Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto and works of art from Calder, Mondrian or Henry Moore. So, how is the 21st century of this art? Here’s an example and it’s a good reference. I’m glad I find a gallery like this, I know that my art hardly fit on this gallery but that’s not important. I like to see what it is doing abroad not just realism or hyperrealism; everythig that it’s done.
When I was in the Architecture school the Bauhaus was part of our heroes and their protagonist were our gods but the Bauhaus movement was 100 years ago and the world is still turning so, what’s new? Here’s an example.

DIPOLAR winds up the cycle on affinity between artists and works, proposed by Sophie Vigourous in which a sensitive dialogue is established between the works, in order to try to learn from them, and reflect about the notion of intellectual friendships, collaboration, homage, duets and dualities.

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