100 days 100 galleries; Day 49: STOA Gallery , Estepona Spain

Stoa Art Gallery opened in 2006. Located in the Marina of Estepona, in the Puertosol building, right above the City Hall, was born with an international vocation. His focus of preferential attention is the primary market, the international launch of emerging artists, unconsecrated and marketing more established artists.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Es una maravilla la obra de Salustiano, casi minimalista y al mismo tiempo llena de detalles; me encanta ver este tipo de entrecruzamientos entre dos fronteras que uno pensaría no se tocan.
(The work of Salustiano is wonderful, almost Minimalist but at the same time full of details; I like to see this kind of crossings between two borders that one could think they never touch each other.)

STOA Gallery (SG): Totally agree!

Yes, it’s a gallery in Spain and I tried to write in Spanish but I received an answer in English. Sometimes I don’t know how this is working, Internet is the Modern Babel, each one of us has his own language, his own form of communication and each of us is trying to understand each other. But here’s another example of communication and what the gallery is passionate about.


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