100 days 100 galleries; Day 61: Timothy Taylor Gallery, New York NY

Carlos Fentanes: I saw your post about Kiki Smith. It’s the first time I heard about her, sorry for my ignorance. Her work in the exhibition feels like from other time, timeless. Beautiful.

This comment didn’t deserve even a like.

OK, now I’m shaping an idea about how the communication to galleries works, and in several cases I can even get a reaction from them,, I know that there’s going to be some galleries that never going to respond and the biggest the gallery the toughest to get an answer. So maybe I should explore small to medium size galleries at not to busy places, right now I know that NYC is a very difficult city, everybody is busy all the time there and NYC is where all artist want to show their work because of the same. Next question would be: how to get in communication with this galleries? What I am missing?

At the same time I should prepare my script about my art; what my art is about? why?
This is a tentative interpretation:
My art is the seeking beauty as an abstract concept: beauty is a concept invented by men, there’s no beauty in nature, a flower doesn’t choose another flower because of its beauty. So why is so important for the human kind beauty and why is so artificial?

Well that could be an starting point. what do you think? Please leave your comments and I promise I do will answer.

Alex Katz
Agnes Martin
Kiki Smith

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