100 days 100 galleries; Day 63: Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen Netherland

For over 34 years, Galerie Bonnard has been a household name in the Dutch art world, a loyal audience, and busy exhibitions. 
For years an address where art and quality go hand in hand. 

Carlos Fentanes: What a wonderful space! I saw your last post and your gallery looks awesome, those grey walls make it so different and elegant.

The gallery didn’t answer.

OK, I get it, I still don’t understand how the Europeans work, besides that it’s August and most to the business in Europe close during this month for summer vacation. So I don’t know if they didn’t answer because of summer vacation or just because they don’t like my comment or maybe something else.

This gallery represents artists from all over the world in what they called Modern Realism, I think I’m going to try to contact this gallery later. In their website there’s no information about submissions.

Ronald Soeliman , 
Vincent van Gogh as a source of inspiration
Tribute to Vincent van Gogh I
Ingrid Smuling , 
Vincent van Gogh as a source of inspiration
Cornflowers for van Gogh
Dirk Bal , 
Vincent van Gogh as a source of inspiration
The Friters

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