100 days 100 galleries; Day 87: White Rock Gallery, White Rock BC

During the 29 years it has been in business, the Gallery has earned a reputation for excellence. This has made it a destination spot for art lovers throughout the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. We are approachable and knowledgeable and work closely with each customer to choose exactly the right artwork and/or custom frame, at a fair price and without pressure.

Carlos Fentanes: When I look at a painting, sometimes I also spend time looking how it is framed, how it’s hanged, how the space can be transformed by an object.
I would like to see more of your space, not only the artworks.

The gallery didn’t answer.

There are some galleries that I really want to have an answer from them for several reasons. This gallery is in my country and I expect more activities from them, but generally the Canadian galleries haven’t answered my messages and this last one is part of that group. I want to think that Canadians are more open and they would answer gladly but the image of the Canadians in general is more a legend and less a reality. So if you’re looking for representation in Canada you’ll need a recommendation letter with you and some landscapes in your portfolio.
The gallery doesn’t have any information about submissions either.

Renato Muccillo
“North Arm Backwaters”
48 x 60 – oil
Marina Dieul
“Petite Souris 353″ (Little Mouse 353)
4” diameter plus frame (shown) – oil
Keith Hiscock
“August Noon”
24 x 42 – oil

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