100 days 100 galleries; Day 89: NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA

Carlos Fentanes: About redefining contemporary art, as your slogan said: I was thinking that there’s no way to redefine contemporary Art because every artist has its own definition of it, every time a contemporary Art is born there’s a new definition so redefining contemporary art is a truism.

Nadia Center: Right. Except that we’re using the accepted definition of the contemporary art world, the arena that has habitually ignored and marginalised the works of adult artists with disabilities. Sure, de Kooning’s late work and Close’s portraiture are accepted but they were already a part of the artworld when a disability happened to them.

When I browse their Instagram page I didn’t see anything about disabilities, I just saw art, so when I get in contact with them I just mentioned their slogan as a curiosity and a way to introduce myself, I can tell you that if you’re not from Richmond California probably you’d never heard about them or their program as me, I also browsed into their web page and it was very difficult to find out this thing about artists with disabilities and when you see what they’re making there’s no difference in quality.

So, here’s interesting program when you can volunteer or donate, or maybe, who knows, you can buy art from them.

Saul Alegria
Mireya Betances
Can All You Go
Jeremy Burleson

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