100 days 100 galleries; Day 98: Galería Óscar Román, Mexico City Mexico

Since 1991, the gallery is characterized by the promotion of innovative works, according to international trends, carrying some risk and independent from neo conceptuals definitions (that’s what they said in their web page, whatever this mean).

Carlos Fentanes: Me intrigan sus posts que dicen: OBRA A LA VENTA.
Si es una galería la que pone el post, puedo intuir que está en venta en su galería, ¿Por qué ponerlo?

The gallery didn’t answer.

Here’s the translation:

I’m intrigued by your posts that say: WORK FOR SALE.
If it’s a gallery the one that publish it, I can sense that it’s for sale in your gallery, why to put it in first place?

Every culture is a little different and this is reflected also in the way the galleries promote their artists and their art: in some places like Latin America it seems that you have to be very clear about your purpose, It is like a big market too noisy. On the opposite side European markets, in special Germany are very silent, there is more about the message, the value of the work of art and less about the money or if it is for sale. Sometimes I wonder how they live this galleries because it seems that they don’t sell art, just promote it.

More than 25 years ago, I started my career showing my work in Galería Óscar Román, it was its first year in a small house in Polanco, a rich neighborhood in Mexico City, now Galería Óscar Román is one of the most influential galleries in Mexico and Oscar is a very good known gallerist and art influencer in Latin America, different circumstances separated us, now I live in Canada but there’s something special in the first gallery you show your work, I’m thankful with Oscar who let me show my inexperienced work in his gallery.

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