Galleria Banditto: a scam?

You never knew what post is going to grab the attention of some group in your audience. This was the case of Galleria Banditto: I started to receive mails and DMs about the residency price of this gallery, they asked me about my experience and my results but also if this was a real prize or it was a scam.

My experience after my 100 galleries journey was very enlightening: I discover several types of business through an Art Gallery, I mean, there’s not one static business model for an Art Gallery and some of them are not exactly Ethical.

When I started the journey, I was looking for an Art Gallery that represents me and where I can show my work and sell art. I knew the business model of Galería Óscar Román in Mexico City, where the gallerist has a group of artists with different styles and sell their works but also promote them for museums and charity fundraisings, and I was looking for something similar to it.

What I’ve seen also was the curatorial fee, that everyday is more and more common in the Art World and I think that it’s good for the gallery and for the artist if the gallery is serious but also is an excellent trap for novice artists and some people are trying to use this model to get easy money so be careful about it, my recommendation it not to answer any unsolicited mails, apply only for galleries that you know or through call listings sites such as CaFe.

And then, I get an email from Galleria Banditto:

Dear Carlos,

With this email, we want to formally invite you to submit your artwork for our 10 day Banditto Residency Prize at our Gallery in Tuscany (flights and transportation are included).

Every year at Banditto Art we invite some of the most talented and world renowned artists to stay with us at our gallery in Tuscany, Italy. Up until now, this residency has exclusively been for established artists like Sascha Brylla and Emanuele Tozzoli (see more info here).

This year we have decided to extend this opportunity to other artists like yourself. We have organized this prize because we are interested in finding new talent from all over the world. We have therefore specifically kept the entry fee as low as possible, in order to provide equal exposure opportunities to these artists regardless of their current situation and what representation they may or may not have.

The gallery is transformed into an atelier to let your creative juices flow in the most picturesque of environments. Check out our Spring Round winners.

For further information regarding this opportunity, and to submit your entry along with the required handling fee of $15(USD), please use the following link:

(Closing date for entries is 31 July 2019)

Your artwork will be reviewed and evaluated by our Judging Panel which includes internationally recognized art collectors and curators Peter Ibsen and Claus Risvig. 

Best wishes and we hope to meet you in Tuscany, Italy! 

Who the hell are Peter Ibsen and Claus Risvig? After checking their profile in Instagram the first thing I noticed is that they don’t collect realism. Why do they invite me then?

But you can say that Fifteen US dollars is not bad for an opportunity to travel to Italy and show my work in Europe, that’s what I said too but, and there’s always a but… How they know that I’m an artist? Why do they contact me in first place? How many more like me received this same invitation? Can you guess?

Well, here it is what I imagined how this business model works:

  1. They don’t know me, and they have never seen my work and probably they never wrote this letter either. They should use some kind of algorithm and got my information from Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter or another social media.
  2. There’s an automatic email factory that send thousands, really: thousands, of emails everyday.
  3. They don’t mind about your art, your message, your studies; they only want your money, so imagine that you have a platform that every three months is giving you $15,000 out of nothing, just by sending automatically emails to every profile that has the word artist on it.
  4. At the end you should have enough money to pay the travelling expenses of one of these artists, so you send the flight tickets and, in some way, clean the doubts about scamming.

It is sad to find this kind of behaviors in the Art World or everywhere else, that is to play dirty. I don’t like this kind of galleries and my recommendation is, please get away of these galleries, do not play their game.

57 responses to “Galleria Banditto: a scam?”

    1. I got an email too

      Hi ___,

      We have you in our database as an artist. I have had a lot of free time on my hands because of the restrictions here in Italy.. 😦
      I’ve been using this time to update our lists and in the meantime get to know some of the artists personally. Are you still creating art?

      If so, I would love to see what you are working on. Are you on Instagram or do you have a website I can look at?

      I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe.

      Greetings from beautiful Tuscany,

      Roy Ockers

      Art collector and Founder

      1. @izaartgallery Avatar

        The same as I’ve gotten…

      2. I had this email also

    2. Me llegó el mismo correo a dos cuentas diferentes que tengo asociadas a dos obras de distinto estilo. Me parece que se aprovechan de la buena fe de los artistas.

    3. I got a similar mail too. Only no 10$ discount offered 😀

      Hi _______,

      I hope you and your family are safe and well. As you probably already know, we host artist residencies in Tuscany Italy. Every quarter we have one winner who joins us in Montefollonico for 10 days.

      (I have attached a document with further details for you)

      Because we have been in touch, I would like to personally invite you to apply for our new round. I have seen your work and think you’re a great candidate for the residency program!

      If you are chosen as the successful applicant, we will schedule the dates with you for when it suits you, even if that be later this year or even next year.

      Please let me know if you’re interested, and if so, when would it be best for you to visit us?


      Art collector

  1. Hey, if you’re looking for a trustworthy gallery/collective I suggest RAW Artists (they’re both in Canada and the US). I was scouted by them for a local event and at first I was incredibly skeptical. After some digging I found that they are a real collective. What they do is they host these large art shows that display various forms of art (typical they use old churches and other buildings that have bars and good acoustics). Each artist gets a designated space to display and sell their craft, but instead of paying a fee for the space, you have to sell 20 tickets (at about $25 each). If you sell less than 20 you have to pay the outstanding, if you sell more than 20 you get $10 per extra ticket. It’s also a great way to meet other artists and network. I did the show they scouted me for and for a first time experience, it was pretty successful.

  2. I got the same invitation for this year:

    “Hi TJ

    I hope you and your family are safe and well. As you probably already know, we host artist residencies in Tuscany Italy. Every quarter we have one winner who joins us in Montefollonico for 10 days
    (I have attached a document with further details for you).

    Because of the Coronavirus, applications have come to a standstill. Last round we received about 110 applications, but we only have 7 applications currently. We have therefore decided not to promote this round on instagram and facebook, but we would still need to select a winner of course.

    Although there is a judging panel who selects the successful candidate, I have seen your work, and I do know you’re definitely suitable for the program. Since there are 3 winners, and only 7 entries thus far, this is the perfect opportunity to participate.

    Because we have been in touch, I would like to give you this discount code which saves you $10 on your application fee. To make use of the special discount, please apply on our website or via the attachment, using following code: MAY10

    No obligation to apply with this code, but I just wanted to let you know the situation at the moment, and share that this might be a good opportunity during a difficult time. If you are chosen as the successful applicant, we will schedule it with you for when it suits you, and for when all of this is over.

    Please let me know if you’re interested, and if so, when it would suit you to visit us in Tuscany? Please let me know once you have applied, if you choose to, so that I can ensure all has been uploaded and submitted successfully.


    Roy Ockers

    Founder and Owner

    Banditto Art”

    1. Hi TJ,

      I got the exact “personal invite” from Roy, also with a $10 discount off the total of $49 “application fee”…only difference was the coupon code…JUNE10 (instead of MAY10).

      Are you going to apply? I am still wondering whether I should go through all the trouble of applying…

    2. As a matter of fact, I won the latest edition of the recidence! I got the 200 buck pocket money right away, and then Roy asked when I planned on coming. Due to corona though (of course), I´ve postponed the stay until later. So, as far as I understand it, the Banditto art prize is indeed for real. I´ve gotten several inquiries from other artists who asked me the same as you guys here: are they for real.

  3. This was in my mailbox today

    Hi M**

    We have you in our database as an artist. I have had a lot of free time on my hands because of the restrictions here in Italy.. 😦
    I’ve been using this time to update our lists and in the meantime get to know some of the artists personally. Are you still creating art?

    If so, I would love to see what you are working on. Are you on Instagram or do you have a website I can look at?

    I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe.

    Greetings from beautiful Tuscany,

    Roy Ockers

    Art collector and Founder

    Too bad people are trying to scam you this way 😦

    1. I got the same e-mail… D=

    2. I got the same fwd mail.

  4. I got the same email. So this is definitely a scam?? Roy Ockers does seem to exist.

  5. I got the same email, just today. I checked him online and it seems like he’s legit? Idk, enlighten me.

  6. I got the same email, just today.
    also with a ‘formal’ PDF, but i confirm this email is a scam.

    information in PDF :
    Hosted by Banditto Art, The Banditto Residency Program is a celebration of excellence in art from across
    the globe.
    In our endeavour to expand horizons of art and emerging artists, we developed an exceptional
    artist-in-residency opportunity, providing benefits for envelope-pushing artists of all disciplines. This
    program affords these artists the opportunity to come and create work in our quaint private Galleria,
    situated in the heart of one of the most picturesque towns in Tuscany.
    Over and above the cash prizes offered, we provide flights, accommodation (for two), and
    transport for a stay of 10 days to the successful applicants. The gallery is transformed into an atelier
    and the artists have the exclusive opportunity to let their creative juices flow in a peaceful environment.
    During your stay as an artist, you will enjoy an incredible experience not only to create art, but also to
    discover all that Montefollonico has to offer – its amazing people, its sumptuous authentic Italian foods, as
    well as its beautiful scenic attractions.
    In addition, the successful applicants get to share their work with a broader audience, and further their
    engagement with the international art world. They will be given the opportunity to showcase their work
    through a group exhibition, they will be awarded a feature in an international collector’s magazine, and will
    also be promoted on various online platforms.
    The application has a processing fee, which will only serve to cover the administrative expenses of the
    selection of candidates and the organization of the residency resources.
    To learn more about this incredible opportunity please click the button below.
    Click here to read what others had to say about their residence experience.
    For more information you can also check our website:

    We are currently reviewing applications for the Banditto Residency Program Autumn 2020
    Deadline for applications: 30 September 2020
    The recipients of the residency and other prizes (see more details below) will be announced on
    14 October 2020
    The exact dates for when the residency will take place, of which suit both the artist and the
    Galleria, will be arranged directly with the winner.
    Application Fee: $49(USD) (Learn here why we charge an application fee)

    There are two awards in every round: the Main Residency Prize and the Emerging Art Prize.
    Anyone can enter to win the Banditto Residency prize. This is an international competition and
    we welcome work from entrants of all ages (under 18’s are required to obtain written consent
    from their parent/guardian before entering), and from all nationalities.
    10 day residency in our Galleria in beautiful Montefollonico, Tuscany (IT)
    This includes: flights, rental car and 10 days accommodation in our galleria.
    Welcome dinner with art collector and owner of Banditto Art.
    Group exhibition hosted by Galleria Banditto
    Editorial coverage in Banditto Mag; a collectors magazine
    $200(USD) cash prize

    Group exhibition hosted by Galleria Banditto
    Editorial coverage in Banditto Mag; a collectors magazine
    $100(USD) cash prize
    ● You may enter up to three works per application fee.
    ● If you are submitting a series, this is considered as one work. We recommend submitting
    one image which shows the whole series together (ie. The series hanging on a wall) then
    further images to show the detail. Alternatively, you could create a single document file
    which is made up of multiple images (ie. a collage or tiles)
    ● You may enter as many times as you wish, but submitting with different works each time is
    ● Works previously exhibited and published elsewhere are accepted.
    ● Collaborative works are accepted.
    ● There are no set categories this year, however you will be required to select the relevant
    discipline on the entry form. If you cannot see your discipline listed, please either choose
    the one most relevant or email
    ● Works produced within the last three years are preferred, although works made at any
    time before submission can be entered.
    ● There is no size limit of each artwork, although the size of the work in relation to the
    exhibition space will be a consideration in the shortlisting process.
    ● Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2020
    ● For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.
    ● By entering for the Banditto Residency Prize, each artist agrees to the full terms and
    conditions, rules and regulations found here.
    ● 40 artists are long listed, out of which a selection of artists are shortlisted. These artists
    are added to our artists portfolio if the artist agrees. Shortlisted artists receive publication
    and are eligible to win either the Main Art Prize or the Emerging Art Prize.
    ● If you are shortlisted for the Prize, you will be asked to supply your artwork for the
    exhibition in Montefollonico (IT). Artists selected for the exhibition will be responsible for
    transportation (delivery) and insurance costs of artworks.
    ● The judging panel members are not to be contacted directly as this can be viewed as an
    attempt to sway the votes and your entry can then be discarded at Banditto Art’s

    1. I received exactly the same mail today, 28th October 2020.

    2. Can you explain based on what, you can write “I confirm it’s a scam”

  7. I replied to the email and asked him to respond to my message in his instagram. I received this reply…
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    My apologies, I do tend to receive many messages on my Instagram account – I will see if I can get to yours. If I cannot get to it, you are also welcome to message me on my whatsapp number +39 *** **** 639
    I hope this helps!
    I’m choosing to ignore it, but ya’ll are welcome to the number…

    1. @izaartgallery Avatar

      I have gotten this number as well,nothing special

  8. Same here! I’m from Argentina and I don’t know why I receive this kind of shit. And ALWAYS you have to pay!!! LOL!

  9. I got the same email, I would rather not reply. It seemed cool at first but again, its too good to be true and they always need you to pay for some reason. Contests should be free.

  10. Oh, and you can apply more than once. Yeah…sure

  11. I got the same email in July and I didn’t pay attention but ‘Roy’ wrote me again asking if I’ve receive the email and inviting me again. It looked very personal but by that time I was busy, didn’t subscribed myself and the deadline ended.
    Last week, he wrote me back about the new season. At the last day I applied and the discount he gave me didn’t work when I was completing the form. So they charge me 50 US dollars. Today he wrote me again talking about deadline extension. I told him I’ve already apply and asked him about the discount, lets see what his gonna answer.

    I googled him and the residency before, but… Now, looking residency’s name I kind of suspect and almost laughing to myself about the name ‘Banditto’ means ‘robber’ in Italian. So, maybe ( in a case of ) the coup is explicit.

    After submit the form the phrase ‘you can apply more than once’ made me feel bad, lol.

    I don’t know… I have should followed my guts and ignored the emails since the beggining. But the guy insisted. Oh well, lets see what happens.

  12. Hey guys,
    I received the same email last Friday.
    “We have you in our database as an artist. I have had a lot of free time on my hands because of the restrictions here in Italy.. 😦
    I’ve been using this time to update our lists and in the meantime get to know some of the artists personally. Are you still creating art?
    If so, I would love to see what you are working on. Are you on Instagram or do you have a website I can look at?
    I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe.
    Greetings from beautiful Tuscany,
    Roy Ockers
    Art collector and Founder

    I sent some links with my last artworks. Today “he replied” me back and I checked the analytics on my website. No visits from Italy and no one visited the pages that I sent him.
    Of course his answer was strange and too generic and I google his name and came in this interesting page!
    Good to know! 🙂
    Thanks guys!

  13. I got this email in reply today:

    Hi Sophia
    Thank you for getting back to me.

    As an art collector, I’m always interested in learning more about talented artists.

    I really love your work! It would be great to stay up to date with you, and see what you’re working on at the moment. If you follow me on instagram (@roy.ockers) I’ll make sure to follow you back. Here’s also my private whatsapp number so we can stay in touch: +** *** **** ***

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Roy Ockers

    Founder and Owner
    Banditto Art


    So I’ll see if he follows me back, and also looking at his instagram it seems legit. But I agree, paying for competitions is not good.

      1. He never followed me back! But sent me a personal invite to the residency for this december

  14. Hi!

    My boyfriend got the same email! We’re kind of excited so we searched about his gallery/residency and then we saw this. There has been a discussion in reddit about the same thing. We tried to search the artists that his gallery is showcasing, and it seems his legit. Also, his offers are too good to be true so I don’t know. Anyone here who can vouch for this guy or at least can enlighten us 🙂

    Reddit –

  15. yo lo recibí hoy…. hagamos caso omiso jaja

  16. I got the same ! I don’t what to think about. It’s a good opportunity but…are they really give it to me or just try to get my money ? Also, I’m a minor so it’s kind of weird

  17. I got same emails and we were emailing back and forward.
    And I had email with a discount code too…
    It really sucks…
    Though what about winners? are they even real then?

  18. I’ve had two emails from him telling me my art is highly suitable etc. Still unsure. Mine is $49 entry fee and I don’t throw that kind of money about. Really don’t know whether or not to go for it.

  19. Hi folks,

    I’ve had the same e-mails; first the “what are you working on, follow me” one (I did, he didn’t follow back, and as it was uninteresting anyway I un followed him), then the call for submission (just today), which I had been expecting.

    I do think it’s like Carlos say, if they get enough money through the submissions, they can offer a plane ticket and put up someone, which could be absolutely anyone, perhaps even randomly selected, for a little time. They’ll still get rich and appear legit. So yeah, I’d say it’s a scam, and don’t waste your money.

  20. Just got this e-mail:
    Hi Celeste
    We have you in our database as an artist. I have had a lot of free time on my hands because of the restrictions here in Italy 😦 I’m using this time to update our lists and in the meantime get to know some of the artists personally. Are you still creating art?
    If so, I would love to see what you are working on. Are you on Instagram or do you have a website?
    I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe.
    Greetings from beautiful Tuscany,
    Art collector and Founder
    I love being a struggling artist and the only people who are interested in my art are people just looking to scam me!!

  21. Como se diz picareta, em italiano?

  22. Salve, io sono un artista italiano. Ho ricevuto la stessa email e prima di effettuare l’iscrizione, ho voluto effettivamente indagare su questa ipotetica galleria cercando subito qualche notizia o testata giornalistica italiana. NULLA! A questo punto ho iniziato ad avere i primi dubbi sulla veridicità di questo evento ecc. Ho trovato questo forum ed ora sono certo che si tratta di una TRUFFA. Non partecipate!

    1. I don´t know italian, so I reply in English. I won the fall recidency and am pretty certain that it is indeed for real. Due to corona I haven´t been able to go, obviously, but so far I have no reason to belive that it should be a fraud.

  23. Same email here on 12th February. Got 2 other emails … Will ignore it in future … thanks for sharing the info

  24. This is the e-mail I just received today March 1st, at 12:30am. I have no connection or knowledge of this gallery and honestly am very much still an amateur artist who focuses on cartoonish realism/an obvious animated style. I’m not from the Netherlands, which their Instagram implies, I’m an Northwestern American so receiving an e-mail like this is really weird. I’m inserting it below in quotes.

    “Hi (my name)

    I hope you and your family are well.

    I have some great news. Due to the low number of applications received, we have extended the deadline for submissions to the Spring 2021 round of the Banditto Residency program in Tuscany. This means that if you haven’t been able to send in your application yet, or wish to submit again, you now have until 7 March to do so (I have attached a document with more information).

    Remember that the residency dates will be scheduled in advance for the successful applicants, so your spot will be reserved for whichever dates you choose, even if later this year or next year.

    Since I have seen your work and know you’d be a perfect candidate for the program, as well as the fact that we have received much fewer applications than previous rounds, now is the perfect time to apply.

    We will inform you of the results on 14 April 2021, after the judging panel has made their final selection.

    Please let me know if you’re interested, and if so, when it would suit you to visit us in Tuscany?


    Art collector and Founder”

  25. I received the same e-mail 4 days ago, and today I got an invitation to apply, to me it seems fishy, when they want any kind of money I stop trusting, I checked my facebook page and there are not any visits from Italy to my page, so for me is proof enough that this is a scam, they don’t even know what kind of painting I do, so I already blocked their email and phone number, I am sick and tired of scammers!

    1. I´ve written here before on this matter, but since people still think this is a scam I guess I´d better repeat myself.
      I won the residency last fall, but have due to Corona not been able to go there yet. However, the 200 dollar pocket money was paid out right away, and their representative has been in contact me a couple of times, asking when I plan on coming. Recently, they also invited me and a other previous winners to take part in a non profit art exchange program, where we can trade art pieces with each other.
      Many of you seem to think that the fee to apply makes it fishy. Why? I work as a photographer, and the majority of photo contest (big ones like sony, WPP, POY, CEWE and others are however free) do charge 15-30 dollars PER IMAGE to join the competition. I have no idea how many apply for the residency prize, or if they make millions of dollars from it, but I doubt it. The fee may be what finance the air ticket and artist stay at the Banditto place, and if so what´s with that? To the best of my knowledge, The Banditto artist residency is NOT fake.

      1. Yes, you’re right and I tried to explain that. The Banditto residency is not fake, it’s totally real and there’s a winner. I am not complaining about that but what I have discovered is that they are sending thousands of mails telling to the recipient that they have seen his (her) work and that he/she is the perfect fit for the prize when that is totally false, they were invited just because the algorithm checked in your Instagram that you’re an artist, painter, photographer… That is a scam.
        And about the residency, what I have seen, but you can confirm it is that is not exactly an Artist Residency as one can expected, I mean, there’s no workshops or interaction with peers, it’s more like a week of vacation in Italy where you can do whatever you like.

      2. That could be true, about the invitation. No idea how that works, if invites are done by a computer or by a real person. Wouldn´t call it a scam though; most photo competitions I get invited to most likely work the same way. Guess it would take way too long to manually search thru instagram and invite by hand.
        No, I don´t think there are any workshops or such at their place. From what I´ve seen on their web, most winners bring their gear and work while there. Guess it´s a nice way of focusing on your work, without the everyday interferences one have at home. I´m eagerly waiting for this corona crap to pass so I can get down there!

    2. D’accordo, il concorso apparentemente non é “falso” ma resta tutto un tranello per fare soldi, e non si parla di pochi spiccioli moltplicati per tantissime persone che prese dall’eccitazione dell’essere stati “scelti!???” come validi partecipanti, tentano di farlo.. Ma non esiste una tematica, un progetto, recensioni, articoli giornalistici ecc ne sulla residenza e ne tanto meno sul luogo della residenza. Da parte loro é tutta una strategia, squallida direi, per fare soldi facili, e poi per non farla passare come palesemente truffaldina, danno la possibilità ad un “fortunato” fra tutti i polli spennati di poter partecipare… Insomma, non possono farla proprio sporca altrimenti sarebbero stati già smascherati! Aprite gli occhi che le residenze serie hanno sempre uno scopo, una giusta tematica e soprattutto, luoghi, nomi, personalità compaiono pubblicamente e sopratutto non chiedono soldi!!!!

  26. I got a letter from that Banditto as well. It even said that he saw my work and that I’d be a perfect candidate for the program. At this point, I know that this is a scam already. I understand that maybe they REALLY did see my work, but to tell me I’m a perfect candidate for a gallery? I won’t even buy my own artwork what are you talking about, man 😂🤣

  27. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia, también he recibido la invitacion de Banditto art y antes de enviar mi “fee” quería rastrear alguna experiencia que avalara la autenticidad de esta invitación

  28. I received an email too. Actually, more than one. The first one came in 2018 when i created an instagram to post my draws. My draws are terrible, i just do it to express myself and when they contacted me it was a real surprise. I replied them and they answered me, tried to convince me to pay the fee and i was almost doing it when i decided to check on internet and found out some people saying it was a scam.
    I was checking my emails today and i found two emails they send me this year, same kind of stuff lol

  29. Ciao, I hope you are safe with all this COVID drama? I see on my list that you are an artist. Do you have a website?


    Art Enthusiast

  30. I, too have received multiple emails from them like this one.

    “Hi ,

    Did you see my post about our residency program? Have you considered joining us in Tuscany to create? I think you’d be a great fit!

    Art collector”

  31. It is 2021 June
    I got the same message from them of fuck
    I feel like a fool. Thank got I did not reply

  32. Michèle Gauthier Avatar
    Michèle Gauthier

    Thanks for posting your experience with this fraudulous approach to artists. Was in a desperate situation and did not need that to add it… Really… Thieves. Police should investigate on the matter.

  33. Hi guys,
    I received the same email from Rob, saying my work was great and all. The first email said that the entry fee was $49 for which I rejected. And then after a week, I received another email saying that the fee has become $19 only on using a discount code with was June 30.
    I did not come across this news of this gallery is a scam or legit. So I ended up applying for this gallery. But I also don’t see any other news about this gallery so I don’t know…
    Let’s see what happens.

    1. Ok you guys. I´ve been writing a few comments here before regarding the validity of Banditto artist residency. Well, got my tickets and hotel booking in Bologna (as we arrive at midnight), leaving for Tuscany on Friday. I won the residency a couple of years ago, but haven´t been able to go until now due to Corona. So, unless they plan to… rob me of my underwear and chop me up for ragu, I´m fairly confident that the Banditto Artist residency prize is FOR REAL. Ok? Questions? Email me then at anders(at)

  34. So, I finally arrived in montefollocino, and have met Roy, who showed us around the village. The residency is located in a very cool 400 year old house. So, time to shut this thread for good. The prize is for real!
    /Anders, 2020 winner of banditto residency prize

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