Look Mom, I’m in a magazine!

Here the page of the magazine with my painting, the one in the bottom right: Mexican Baroque

A long time ago one of my paintings appeared in a magazine, but it was strange: it wasn’t an art magazine, it was something more like National Enquirer, one of this magazines that talk about UFOs and antique civilizations and soap operas, so why do they publish an article about an exhibition in a museum?

Yes, it was an article about a show in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. Anyways I was very happy, I saw my painting in a magazine and my painting was actually hanged in a museum, the most important museum of modern art in Mexico.

Here’s the cover page of the magazine, talking about Madness, Pancho Villa, biking and asteroids.

Why am I telling you this? because last week I received an invitation to appear in an art magazine:

Submit for art magazine 20201
Deadline 27 February!
for more click in the link.

So I click in the link and they send me the info:

Hi Carlos,
Here comes  info for the mag.
You do amazing art works and we saw your website.
Here is more info about prices for the art magazine!

1 page 30€
2 page 50€
Recommend 3 page 75€
4 page 100€
5 page 120€
You can max have 5 pages!

we want your painting or image in 72dpi 30 X 20 cm or 30×30 cm, if you can’t do it we will do it for you and also the size of the image and what materials you use and also the price of your painting or image and year of your image!
Also your info like where you are based or live and CV and website or link to your Saatchi Art or Artsy!
You submit it with https://wetransfer.com
your image, payment, info, CV and in one folder!
For send in use email mag@gallerym.se

Their website says that you will be seen by museums and art galleries, but they never which museums or which galleries.

Another info that is in their website is the artist who are in the art magazine: all of them as unknown as myself.

So, why do someone wants to pay 75 euros to appear in a very unknown magazine? there’s should be a lot of reason, ego is one of them, also you can show the magazine to you mom so she can see how successful artist you are and that is good. But what is the process to select the works? the curatorial process? well, if you pay you are in, it’s not because of your skills or your originality, it’s just because of your money. So if you want to appear in a magazine you know what to do.

For me? I’ll pass.

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