Stones on the road

Here’s one of my latest drawings: a Leopard Frog, from Ontario. Last year I moved to an small town near Toronto and this image is a king of hommage to this land.

“…a stone on the road, taught me that my destiny was to roll and roll…”

El Rey (The King) Folk Song by Jose Alfredo Jimenez

I’m keeping a registry of the submission I’ve done in the last year and sadly, the results are very similar to the exercise with galleries, most of the submissions are never answered, around two thirds of them, I had followed  the instructions and fill out all the questionnaires but galleries never answer: it’s seems that this is normal. 

In the brighter side, I had received some letters from some galleries, sadly again most of them are rejected letters, but I can see some patterns here: it takes around 20 days to get an answer from a gallery, so if you have waited for more than a month, it’s probable that you’ll never hear from the gallery and you can get busy with something else and stop dreaming.  

I’m going to insist on submitting my art but at the same time I’m going to prepare new content, new works of art, now it’s not going to be easy to get rid of me, right now I’m not afraid of rejection, on the contrary, I’m an expert in rejection and failure. At the end they’re just stones on the road. 

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