100 days 100 galleries; Day 2: Massimo de Carlo Gallery, Milan, London, Hong Kong

According to their site: Massimo De Carlo gallery was founded in Milano in 1987. Since the beginning Massimo De Carlo gallery program included young and prominent artists such as, among others, Alighiero Boetti, Rudolf Stingel, Maurizio Cattelan, and Yan Pei-Ming. The global affirmation of these and the other artists of the gallery has favoured its  on-going success.

I wrote a DM in Instagram.

Me: Hello, your feed news is wonderful, plenty of great art and great artists. Congratulations! I really enjoy your Instagram.
I wonder how do you select your artists? Is there a way to submit on your website or a collective exhibition for new artists? Do you charge a fee?
Thanks in advance.

Gallery: (cricket noise)

Is it too hard to write a short response?: Thanks! We are not accepting new submissions by starving artists but you can show your art in your mama’s closet.

OK, maybe is a little big gallery for start up your career but do I deserve an answer? Isn’t it polite to say thanks? My wife told me once: you should shoot to the stars if you want to get the moon. Maybe one day somebody answer my messages

One of the things that I look for in a gallery is its website, does it have a website? Is it well designed or it seems that is was made by his 10 years old son? is it has its own domain? As simple as it seems it happens the same with artists, galleries will look for your website, it’s a way to tell the people: “I’m serious about this”. So first thing first, if you want to approach a gallery set up your website.

I already set up my website and I’m telling the world this is serious, I’m ready, so what’s next?

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