100 days 100 galleries; Day 3: Anton Kern Gallery, New York

On April 22, 2017, Anton Kern Gallery officially opened its doors at 16 East 55th Street. Designed by studioMDA, the six-story townhouse features three floors of exhibition space, with permanent installations by Martino Gamper and Jim Lambie

Me: Your posts are awesome! I wonder what’s the process you follow to chose an artist? Is there any artist call or submission form?

Gallery: not a single word

Something is not working in this approach, I think I should change something but what? How can I start a conversation with a gallery? what should I ask? should I ask at all? maybe just talk about something, weather? what are the Kardashians wearing?

Somebody told me that I should look for contests online thru Cafe and Submittable. Yes, I’m doing that too but that’s not the point of this exercise, I wonder what moves a gallery, what they are thinking and how they interact with their public. What I have seen up to now is that social media is a one way communication channel for them, they don’t bother to answer anything.

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