100 days 100 galleries; Day 4: Gallery BOM, Boston MA

Gallery BOM is deeply committed to contemporary art. We have emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. The gallery is located at 460 Harrison Ave, Boston in the SOWA area. Gallery BOM serves Individuals and Corporations; On Site Consultations, Fine Art Curating Exhibition for Public/ Private events, Fine Art Installation.

Me: The art that you show in your posts looks great, very good curated. Congratulations! I wish you the best.

Gallery: Nothing.

Hey, now I’m not telling you anything about exhibit, about I’m a starving artist, about showing my work… Did I deserve an answer this time? I wanted some answer, maybe just a: “Thanks!”, but nothing, not a single word. So, yes, what I was thinking it’s possible: Social media for galleries is a one way communication tool. They don’t want to hear anything about the public, or at least the public beyond their cities. I wonder if they read messages at all. There should be something that moves an answer to them, to start a conversation. Do you have any suggestion? Maybe next time I should talk about their space, or a direct question about a work of art or museography.

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