100 days 100 galleries; Day 5: The Gallery / Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK

The Gallery / art placement inc. is a commercial fine art gallery located in downtown Saskatoon in the historic Traveller’s Block Building. Established in 1978, it is now the longest enduring commercial art gallery in the city. Focusing primarily on painting, the gallery showcases contemporary, modern, and historical works by Artists from the province and region.

Me: Those pieces are beautiful by themselves and no need of anything else but I feel as if they were hanged too low? Is it just me?

Gallery: *…

A gallery in my hometown, this time I decided to comment something about its current exhibition, about its museography. Yes, I feel that they hanged the paintings a little low, but they didn’t answer anything. They could say that the artist indicate the position or is an aesthetic decision or whatever you like but I don’t think that mute is a right answer.

One of the things that you have to do in social media is engage with your audience, you have to answer the questions, even the uncomfortable ones, that’s part of being in a social platform. If you don’t say thanks or like or say something to the people that comments on your post your are loosing a big opportunity on growing your audience and your business on the internet.

Try always to say something nice to your audience, they’re going to think that you are serious on what you are doing. No comment is small so go ahead and say something, engage, Social media is not a one way communication channel.

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