100 days 100 galleries; Day 9: Erika Gofton, Director of the Art Room Footscray, Melbourne

Erika Gofton is the founder and Director of The Art Room  is an art class, workshop, studio and exhibition space and all round creative hub in Footscray,  in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Why it’s so difficult to show my work in a gallery? Why the system is so closed that it’s almost impossible to break inside their barriers? I’m in a quest to figure out how the system works and I have a plan: I’m going to ask them directly during 100 days. Are they going to answer? What would be their response?

Me: I need your advice: I have a tough question.
What is what you look when you choose an artist?
How does he/she approach to you? Who contacted first, the artist or the curator?

Erika: (Silence)

Yep, again, I din’t get any answer. Total muting, Sometimes I wonder if they really see their messages, if they know how to manage a social network. It seems that in most of the cases galleries don’t know how to handle new technology: old dogs don’t learn new tricks. Now it’s seems so obvious that everybody with a business has to have a website and be in the social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn… but it seems that there’s a barrier with the old generations that is almost impossible to break.

How the people that is not expert on social networks establish new relationships? How they met with their clients? Is it directly by phone or letter? I don’t think so: social networks are so accessible and so easy to be in contact with anybody around the world that should be the most easy way to penetrate in the market but it’s not working on that way. Hard to imagine.

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