100 days 100 galleries; Day 11: Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig & Berlin Germany

Galerie EIGEN + ART was founded on April the 10th 1983. From that day on, Gerd Harry Lybke started exhibiting his friend’s art in his apartment at Körnerplatz 8 in Leipzig.
It has not been long before EIGEN + ART became a central and national venue with an on-going exhibition activity. Success was proven by the relocation to Bornaische Straße, formally Fritz-Austel Straße 31 in 1985.

Me (Carlos Fentanes): Hello,
Can I ask you about your beginning? How did you started? Did you rent a local or use your own place? Who where your first artists? Are they still with you? How did you recruit your first artists? How do you do it now? What is what you see in an artist?

Galerie (note my German accent): Nichts (Nothing!)

I couldn’t make them to respond anything, not a single word. I’m not talking about me anymore nor my struggles to find a gallery or why I work in the mornings as database administrator and how I wake up every day at 5:30 am in order to make some art, nothing about that, instead I’m trying to start a real conversation talking about something they know better than anybody: themselves, that should be easy but no they don’t want to answer.

Galerie EIGEN + ART according to their website represents established and young artists working in a wide range of media such as film/video, photography, installation, painting and sculpture including conceptual art and performance in both locations: Leipzig and Berlin. The gallery’s program is dedicated to all fields of contemporary art.
They don’t have in their website any information about submissions.

Where do I find these galleries? I don’t know, it’s the algorithm from Instagram, sometimes they show some suggestions: If you like this one you may also like this too.
Have you ever seen that? I’m in the Canadian prairies in the middle of nowhere and they suggest me that I would like a gallery in Germany dedicated to “all fields of contemporary art” and here in Saskatoon nobody even knows who was Joseph Beuys, just to name the first German conceptual artist that came to my mind.

It is interesting to see how every city has its own art preferences: Boston likes realism; New York, AbEx; Berlin conceptual art and diverse media art. Here in Saskatoon the predominant art is Landscape and Local Fauna (moose, bear, coyote…) Is that art BTW?

What’s the art of your city? Is it avant-garde or traditionalist?

Marc Desgrandchamps

Oil on canvas
46 x 55 cm
Ricarda Roggan
SIEMENS (Projektor 2000)

Series: APPARATE, 2018
100 x 80 cm
C-Print, Edition 1/3
Bosco Sodi

Mixed media on canvas
85 x 145 cm

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