100 days 100 galleries; Day 12: Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA

Founded in 1968, Foster/White Gallery is a premier gallery on the West Coast and has been a prominent landmark in the Seattle arts center of Pioneer Square.

Me (Carlos Fentanes): I have a personal question for you: How was your beginnings? How you started in the art business?

Gallery: Total Silence, not a single word

The older the gallery the lesser they are interested in new technologies, it seems that’s a constant. In this gallery there’s plenty of traditional art: painting, sculpture, photography but you’re not going to find new media, video art, performance, conceptual art… And the same with communication: it’s a gallery that you can find in the local paper and you can call for an appointment but if you want to send a DM via Instagram or an email they’re going directly to the trash can.

Nevertheless, in their website they have a page dedicated to submissions: http://www.fosterwhite.com/submissions.asp

They stated there:

“Foster/White Gallery represents local, national and international artists. We are interested in all contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and photography.

The gallery welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. We do not accept exhibition proposals. We do not make appointments or view portfolios during gallery hours.

Artists seeking representation at Foster/White Gallery should email submissions to: artistsubmissions.fosterwhite@gmail.com

So don’t by shy and try this one if you’re in the traditional art mood; My art should be traditional and should be fit in this gallery: it’s on paper or canvas, mainly painting and drawing, figurative with a trend to hyperrealism using oils and acrylics, charcoal and ballpoint pens; I think the most avant-garde in my work is the use or ballpoint pens. I started to use pen a a rebellion, ballpoint pen is now the most chipper way of writing, you can find pens for free everywhere, it was my way of telling the world: “look, there’s no excuses, you can make art with whatever you have available in your desk drawer just start making art”.

The gallery also said:

“Foster/White Gallery is an active member of the Seattle Art Dealers Association (SADA) and a participating gallery in First Thursday Art Walk, a Pioneer Square tradition. Foster/White Gallery is one of the city of Seattle’s most respected galleries and a destination for many tourists.

Whether you are beginning your art fine collection or looking to build your existing collection, we are pleased to assist in the procurement of fine art. The staff of Foster/White is knowledgeable, professional and shares a passion for quality art.

Foster/White is a Bau-Xi Gallery affiliate with three locations in Vancouver and Toronto.

WILL ROBINSON   JULY 2 – 20, 2019

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