100 days 100 galleries; Day 13: The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art, St. John’s NL

According with their website: ” The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art opened in 2003. We carry some of the most important rising national and international artists living and working in Eastern Canada. The works range from realism to emotionalism to abstract symbolic work. “

Me (CF): I see that you have a good group of artists under your umbrella. How do you started? How were your firsts steps as an art gallery?

Leyton Gallery (LG): Bonnie Leyton, the owner, saw a lot of young talented people who were not being given a chance at other commercial galleries. She took it upon herself to open a gallery of her own and took on as many younger artists as she could. She found a space and opened up shop and the gallery has been flourishing ever since. There is still lots of opportunity for up and coming artists through our gallery and the community that has grown surrounding is strong and welcoming.

As far as interest in joining the gallery the best first step is to email us at leytongallery@nf.aibn.com
Asking to speak with Bonnie about your work. From there she would meet with you to see what you have and discuss your work. And things wall in to suite after that.
I hope that i was able to effectively answer your questions. If there are any others that i can answer or anything else i can do to help let me know. Thank you for contacting us.

CF: Thanks! I really appreciate this.

Finally, after 13 days a gallery responded my inquiry. So, after all there’s still hope. I think that the answer was straight forward and there’s not too much more to ad, I really like the attitude of Newfoundlanders, I’ve been in St. John’s once six years ago and the people were warm and quick for help. Definetely this is a gallery you should check.

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