100 days 100 galleries; Day 14: Principle Gallery, Alexandria VA & Charleston SC

Since opening in Old Town Alexandria, just outside of Washington, DC in 1994, Principle Gallery has been dedicated to representing the highest quality of Contemporary Realism art. Focusing on paintings in oil and bronze sculpture, the gallery proudly represents emerging, mid-career, and established artists with a distinct personal approach to their work. Principle Gallery gains great exposure for its artists through solo exhibitions, selective group
shows, and national art fairs.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Why you choose to show realism?

Principle Gallery (PG): The gallery has been open for 25 years and that has been traditionally what we show. Over the years we have branched out to artists who are less of classical realism and verge in abstraction. This seems to be a sweet spot for our clients we have tried pure abstraction in the gallery, but it has never done as well as the realism or abstracted realism with our clientele. M

CF: Do you think that is the taste of the city? I mean: here in Saskatoon, SK where I live, galleries mostly exhibit landscapes and local fauna paintings like moose or bears: that’s the taste of the people in the Canadian prairies.

It seems that the “Let’s talk about you for a minute” formula is working, the less I talk about me and more about them the more I get an answer, wow, why nobody told me that before? So it’s not just about sending letters, resume, images… that’s doesn’t matter, first I have to engage them in a conversation a real conversation nevertheless the second question wasn’t answer so this wasn’t a “real” conversation, that was more of a “don’t waste my time now”.

In their site there’s instructions for submissions:

Artist Submission Process:.
We ask that all submissions be made by email to info@principlegallery.com.

Requirements include:

Images of your work.
Artist biography, education, gallery representation.
Collections, honors, awards, and media coverage.
Price list of work, including medium and dimensions.

Due to the tremendous number of submissions we receive, we will only respond to those whom we would like to actively represent.

Lynn Boggess
“10 April 2019”
34×30, oil on canvas
Cindy Procious
“Seaside Fiesta”
12×16, oil on linen panel

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