100 days 100 galleries; day 15: Galleri Skandinavia, Stockholm Sweden

We love art, we love to work with art and try to show our passion in all we set out to do. Regardless if its representing and building an artist name, or help complete your home or office by adding value to your walls.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw in your catalog works than go from realism to pop passing through figurative painting.
How did you come to this mix of works?

Gallery: silent

This time it didn’t work, maybe they don’t understand English, maybe they don’t want to answer, maybe they don’t see their messages.

I have seen a gallery like this before: when I was in Mexico, the gallery that have my works was like this one with not a defined style: there was a mix of realism, folk, pop, abstract… it serves to a very specific market in Mexico City where the clients looks for something to put in their houses but not something to start a conversation or make an statement; in other words is for rich housewives. Maybe this gallery is similar in that sense, well the term is something that the people try to avoid but there’s a market here and somebody has to serve it, so, if the market is local, well, they don’t going to attend the messenger and Instagram is just a tool to show the paintings to their captive customers. and that’s OK, but I have to move and keep trying.

According to their site:

Galleri Scandinavia was founded by Inga-Lisa and Arnold Lindblom in the early days of 1972.Today our galleries are run by Håkan, Michael and Daniel Lindblom. the second and third generation.
Arnold, already an established artist not satisfied with the representation he had. Inga-Lisa, who as a person was somewhat of a force of nature decided the best way to truly have his works in a gallery driven by passion and knowledge was to start her own.
Together they founded ‘Galleri Korvetten’ at första långgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden and quickly enrolled their sons Håkan and Mats in the operations.”

There’s no information about submissions.

The Night Watch
Diederik Van Apple
“Zlatan”- Limited Edition Poster by LEG

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