100 days 100 galleries; Day 16: The Gathered Gallery, St. John’s NL & Toronto ON

The Gathered Gallery features at least 52 artists per year through features, reviews, and a digital residency.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Hello, your gallery is a very interesting project. Why do you decide to create this?

Gallery: nothing

I thought that this one was an easy one: two art students from the University of Guelph decided to create a virtual gallery and curate their own shows through internet, every week they present a new artist in their blog; now their have digital residencies and interviews beside their curatorial work in their website.

But I made a very innocent question and there was no answer at all, what went wrong? The gallery is 100% web based, all the communication with them is digital via email or messages and when I tried to reach them using IG Messenger nothing happens, are they so busy promoting their gallery and artists that they don’t have time to browse Instagram?
Maybe I’m not the public they want to reach out or why to bother answering a question if you can find all this information in the website?

So in the website you can also find a way to submit your work, if you are interested in being featured by this blog.

Adam Hale
Danielle Krysa
“don was about to discover that, no, this bullsh*t would not fly.”
[found images, gouache on watercolor paper, 2016

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