100 days 100 galleries; Day 21: Beinart Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Beinart Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) is a curated space for highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. By showing internationally established artists with emerging talent we are ushering the New Contemporary art movement into Australia.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I really like the style of your gallery, is it fantasy or how do you call it?

Beinart Gallery (BG): Thank you
We generally call it surreal figurative
But that is not an official title for a movement
Just descriptive

CF: Sorry about called it “fantasy”, I didn’t know how to name it maybe Visual Poetry is a closer description.

BG: No worries at all šŸ˜Š

CF: I would like to see more of this art in museums and less Koons and Kaws.

BG: Ha! Me too!!

CF: What you show is the Hieronymus Bosh of our time.

BG: I love Bosch!

That’s it, a brief conversation about their art, I don’t even mention that I’m an artist too and that was not necessary, I learned new thing about this style and this fabulous gallery.

The Beinart Collective was founded in 2003 by Jon Beinart. Starting as an online gallery featuring Jon and a handful of other Australian artists, the Collective quickly grew into a network of hundreds of artists from every point of the globe.

I’m happy to meet galleries like this one, this is the effort of a collective with a big heart and faith in their work. My commentary about Koons and Kaws was totally honest: all this creative people are out of the spotlight because the money industry has took over museums and auction houses, but when I see the dedication and work behind this fantastic works of art I wonder what kind of art is going to survive in one hundred years.

In their website there’s a page about submissions and it’s a well organized site where you can easily find nice works of art at accessible prices, you can buy online and the prices are in your own currency.

Olga Esther – “The Heart of the Dryad” – triptych – oil on 3 panels – 60 x 45cm (23.6″x17.7″)
Alessandro Boezio – “Deep Inside Series 3″ – White ceramic, acrylic and synthetic coating – 14 x 15 x 20cm (5.5″x5.9″x7.9”)

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