100 days 100 galleries; Day 22: Franklin Bowles Galleries, San Francisco & New York

Franklin Bowles Galleries was established over 45 years ago in San Francisco, near historic Ghirardelli Square. Our New York Gallery is located in the SOHO district.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw some photos of your newest exhibition: Natural Curiosities.
The artists seem so different between them but the exhibition is so harmonic. What’s the common point?

Franklin Bowles (FB): nothing

Sadly not answering is the most common reaction from galleries, here’s another example.

Today I walked my dog in the morning, just like every morning and a neighbor verbally attacked me about let my dog piss on the grass, not his grass from his garden but anybody else grass, he told me something like: are you coming again pissing me off? I wasn’t even walking in front of his house, what was the matter?

Maybe some galleries are just like my neighbor: don’t piss me off! but because they are more polite they just don’t answer my DMs.

In their website they said this about the exhibition:


JULY 15 – AUGUST 31, 2019 / NEW YORK

Franklin Bowles Galleries is excited to introduce a group of nine young, mostly local, emerging artists whose talent and aesthetic seemed appropriate for our collectors.

“whose talent and aesthetic seemed appropriate for our collectors.” What’s this mean? Maybe in this sentence there’s a key, the secret code that I’m looking for: most art galleries are not about art but business, is about selling stuff to “their collectors” aka rich people. So, if I want to show my work in these galleries I have to align my work to the taste of this collectors. It’s not about being creative, it’s not about answering your internal questions or seeking the truth but about money and what’s right for the collectors.

OK, that’s not going to be my gallery and I’m still going to pursue another path, my path not the path of the taste of the collector. Good luck next time.

Guno Park
Zane York
Martin Campos

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