100 days 100 galleries; Day 23: Michael Reid Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney Australia

Michael Reid Sydney hosts a dynamic exhibition program presenting contemporary Australian and international art as well as curated exhibitions of contemporary art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and art from the vast Oceanic region.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): There’s a strong relationship with nature in your artists. It’s almost a mainstream.

Michael Reid Gallery (MR): (empty)

Can somebody tell them that they have to respond their messages? even a like is OK. Why is so hard to say thanks? If you’re a gallery and you have a website and you have an account on Instagram is not just for decor, it’s an opportunity for interaction. It’s an opportunity to grow your audience.

It’s not OK to ignore your messages, what’s the point? I’ve learn a lot of this exercise and in my way I’ve met some new friends too, not everything is negative but most of the galleries have decided not to participate.

Narelle Autio
Key Works
Jun 27 – Aug 3, 2019

Today I received an invitation by mail to submit my work for the 10 day Banditto Residency Prize in Tuscany, Italy. I’ve never heard before about Banditto Gallery so I’m surprise about how they know me. Should I have to answer and submit my work or just ignore them like Michael Reid? Well I’m here to grow my audience and getting in contact with galleries around the world, so if Michael Reid doesn’t want to hear from me, then Banditto Gallery in Italy will hear, yeah. I own a visit to Banditto Gallery but here’s the link:

Banditto Art is a digital platform for collectible arts, exploring new ways to open the doors to art collecting.

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