100 days 100 galleries; Day 24: Galerie 42b, Paris France

Catherine Mikolajczak have imagined a concept totally actual offering to an amateur audience of contemporary art a rich artistic program, one of a kind and varied .

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I like abstract painting but there’s something inside me that’s repeating all the time: “My kid could paint this”.
Have you ever had this sensation?

Galerie 42b (G42b): (empty)

Another day, another gallery with no answers. This question was a little poisonous, I know but have you ever wondered the same thing about abstract art? Do I have to pay $50,000 for a painting that seems that was painted in 1 hour? As in every art there are Masters and Apprentices and a Master in the Abstract Art is a Magician, a Sorcerer and the gallerist should know that and should explain it, this should be a very common question everyday if you show Abstract Art, why avoid it? Even the gallery should have some kind of prepared script.

My advice for galleries: If you received a DM, an email or any kind of communication, answer it, give thanks, be thankful with your audience. Maybe not all the people will buy art in this moment but I you never answer you will loose a customer forever. Communication create networks and friends, be a friend of your audience.

Carte blanche à l’artiste RACHAEL MCCULLY et ses invités

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