100 days 100 galleries; Day 34: Galerie Cyril Guernieri, Paris

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Your gallery is so small, A small space for great art.
How do you manage to get people inside? Do they take turns?

I don’t know if it’s true cause I’ve never been there but in the photos it seems very tiny, judge by yourselves. It was a very serious question but I had no answer again. What would be an adequate answer? sometimes I like to guess what the galleries are going to say. Maybe this gallery would say: my gallery it’s for kids, you have to have the spirit of a kid to understand modern art, and this is serious, serious as a kid so get yourself short and get in with no afraid. That would be a good one, a good one that never came.

So I have another gallery that didn’t answer my missive in my collection. At this time I should be use of this but I’m still have faith and some day there will be a gallery that will want to establish a relationship with me, from artist to gallery, from gallery to artist. Maybe Paris is not my city anyways.

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