100 days 100 galleries; Day 35: Galeria Contempo, Trento Italy

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Isn’t it a disadvantage being away from a big city?
Don’t you think it’ll be better for the gallery to have a place in Florence or Milano?
When you are in a small city you have to start teaching the people about Contemporary Art before selling art. What do you think?

Galleria Contempo (GC): I know what I do Milano e Firenze are not in my list for gallery activities. The location is important yes but is not at first place, no any more. New York, Tokyo, London, Brussels etc give more audience but it is not enough.

Location, location, location… not anymore! or at least not enough! that a big step! I definitely learned something today: New York, London, Tokyo, Brussels; everybody as an artist wants to exhibit at those locations, and galleries take advantage of it. Be careful about galleries on those locations and the terms and conditions and remember location is not everything. Is my art less in value because I’m not showing it on New York? Well, Vincent Van Gogh barely show his work and never in New York or London. Yes, I also have big dreams and just naming New York my feet start to float and then I visit galleries like this one with the feet grounded and very secure about their business and I say: not everything is lost, I have hope, even here in the middle of the Canadian prairies in the middle of nowhere.
There’s not too much information in their website they have to improve a lot on it.

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