100 days 100 galleries; Day 47: Galerie Youn, Montreal QC

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw your post on Guillaume Klootier, I like the way he moves between realism and abstract. I don’t know maybe a little like Gerhard Richter, don’t you think?
What’s your favorite piece of him?

Galerie Youn (GY): Well thanks
I think all artists are influenced by masters like Richter or many more.
I haven’t post all Guillaume’s new series on our Instagram. Have you seen all his new works ? Hard to say just

CF: Maybe that’s part of the work of an artist among others: reinterpretation of the Masters.
I’m not saying that Klootier is not original, I found his work very personal and original.

I knew it, there has to be a formula. What happens when you ask somebody about something they’re passionate about? Yes, they start to talk and then you have a new connection and a new door is open.

This is the beginning of the conversation but it’s not finish, since then I started to comment on their post on Instagram, about techniques, artists and they still answer my comments, not only in this gallery I did that but also on the last galleries that answered my DMs: Beers London and Jen Tough, the result has been amazing, I fell that I’m really building a relationship with them, maybe those are only small steps but if I saw where I begin to do this it has been a big step, really.

Maybe that’s the secret, create friendship and on the way start to create confidence and after that do business. I don’t know where this path is going but I it’s something I never reached before.

According to their website they are not accepting submissions now but what they are not knowing is that I’m doing a hole in the back of their gallery and put my art on it. Let’s see.

Guillaume Klootier

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