100 days 100 galleries; Day 46: Markowicz Fine Art , Dallas TX

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Your instagram page is meticously curated, nothing is out of place, is neat, besides that it has great Art and valuable information.
How do you do that? Mine is a mess, is more like a sketchbook of my activities. Sometimes I wish I had time to curate my page as yours.

The gallery didn’t answer.

Have you ever see an Instagram where every picture has it’s own place, nothing is out of site. They do mosaics with their work and do some symmetric compositions, yes that’s how it looks their Instagram and mine is the opposite, but I don’t mine I just said that because I need to start a conversation with an excuse, but it didn’t work. Sometimes I get an answer and sometimes the gallery doesn’t have time for chatting.

What I mean is that another part of contacting a gallery is to have a nice Instagram, not with selfies and family but with your work, galleries want to see your work not selfies, not families, not flowers from your garden so it’s important to curate your Instagram or your Facebook page or your Tumblr or your blog. It’s important to make connections with galleries and curators and trying to start a conversation but if you don’t have anything to show them available the conversation is futile.

Well, this gallery didn’t answer but I think my work can fit with them, it’ll be nice to hear from them maybe I’ll try in the future.

Carole A. Feuerman
Nude Moran
SculptureLacquer on ResinEdition
Manolo Valdes
LithographyEtching with unique collage Framed 27 1/2 x 33 7/8 x 2Edition

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