100 days 100 galleries; Day 51: Last Rites Gallery, New York NY

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw your last post about Timothy Jhan and censoring in Instagram.
Do you think is it a way to avoid this censorship?
Is it an algorithm or real people or something in between?

Last Rites Gallery (LR): It’s the algorithm. The bots just detect a nude body and automatically take down the post. I can usually appeal it and (supposedly) a human will review and when they see its art, it will go often get reposted. I’m just busy today so I can’t stay on top of it at the moment. It’s easier this was and it’s mostly a reminder that our culture is way to sensitive over nothing -Donia

And then we found the ghost of censorship… Even when everybody claims that USA is the symbol of world freedom and openness you find that a female nipple has to be covered in order to not disturb the pureness of the spectator. And then I realized: most of my work is related with human body and female nudes, how can I attract my audience if I have to constantly censor my own work? Maybe I should paint flowers instead or landscapes… But the most important thing of all this nonsense is that there’s no person behind this censorship; it’s a machine! we are controlled by a machine! An failed algorithm is deciding what is acceptable and what not. Male nipples are OK but not female nipples. c’mon! So, the country that is the symbol of the free world is controlled by a machine, this is like if we’re living in an Orwell’s novel. And that’s why we have this beautiful gallery today.

Emil Melmoth
Harry Michalakeas
Hannah Faith Yata
Gabriela Handal

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