100 days 100 galleries; Day 53: Gallery 1261, Denver CO

Gallery 1261 was established in 2004 and is located in the heart of Denver’s LoDo neighborhood at 1412 Wazee St. This space is shared with Abend Gallery and K Contemporary. The gallery is dedicated to presenting excellent work that reflects the artists’ most creative side, done without the constraints of marketability in mind.

Carlos Fentanes: The artists that you show are awesome, bravo!
But I wonder what the name of the gallery stands for? 1261? is that an address number or a postal code? A date?

Gallery 1261: Thanks! Your’re right! 1261 was the street address of our first location.
Cheers – Connor

Just like this. Easy. I asked a straight question about something they should be passionate about and then I received an answer, that’s not too complicated, well sometimes. I have to confess that sometimes I don’t even know what a gallery is passionate about. How can start a conversation on those cases, should I talk about weather? In this time of the year I got a rare disease that block my mind completely: the summer is gone and the kids go to school and everything is busy again and everybody is on rush setup. But happily I found the right words to start a conversation with this gallery, now is up to me of following up and check opportunities.

Kate Sammons
20 x 16 in
Ron Hicks
Peaceful Place
12 x 12 in
Hollis Dunlap
Oil on panel
20 x 16 in

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