100 days 100 galleries; Day 55: 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago IL

Founded by curator, artist and creative entrepreneur, Sergio Gomez, 33 Contemporary Gallery is a Chicago-based fine arts gallery focusing on premier contemporary realism and figurative art from emerging and established artists.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw a gender balance in your posts almost 50-50 male female artists, I’m impressed, very few galleries have this. I just wanted to show you my support. Great!

33 Contemporary Gallery (33): Thank you Carlos. Nice work. Keep it up. Watch for our calls for artists posted in our wall

CF: Thanks.
I had failed badly on callings for artists that I can be considered an expert in failing, I can write a book about it. Actually I have a blog in my website about how to fail in contacting a gallery. You should read it.
Do you know that most of the artists in galleries are there because of they’ve been referred by someone inside? Almost 80%!

33: Yes of course. It’s true. A recommendation is the most powerful thing in business no matter what the business is.

Something new happened with this gallery, they follow the thread of the conversation keeping answering.

And they also asked me to submit my work in the next opportunity, I didn’t ask them anything and don’t even mention that I’m an artist. They checked my profile and saw my posts on Instagram and they are follow me now. It’s just the matter of using the right questions, or the right introduction, and what is that: something they are passionate about and for that I have to do some research first on their website and check who’s the director, where is he coming from? Just the simplest information and with that start a conversation and the other part is just luck.

Sergio Gomez
Shana Levenson
Brianna Lee

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