100 days 100 galleries; Day 56: Galerie Poll, Berlin Germany

Carlos Fentanes: Are you happy?
I saw your last post and seems pretty sad and then the question: are you happy? I want to know more about this.

The gallery didn’t answer.

Another try with German galleries, another fail. I still don’t know how to contact a European gallery and Germans seems the most difficult galleries of all Europe. Why we are so different? why something that works in North America is not working in Europe and vice versa? Maybe it’s the way we appreciate Art and how we create Art and what is Art for. I can be wrong, well most of the time I’m wrong but I want to throw a low ball and try to crack this. Here in North America we see Art as a luxury piece, something to invest when you have some spare money and maybe in Europe, Art is just another item in your home like milk or a carpet, so in Europe you don’t think in Art as something exotic and expensive but as an ordinary daily object, so if that is the case what would be your reaction? why you keep asking me for my IKEA curtains? Just enjoy the ride.

Are Europeans galleries post art on Instagram just for the joy of it with no other goal in mind? They don’t want to sell you Art, they want you to have Art in your home, in our tablet, in your smartphone but if you buy it or not is not a big deal.

Danja Akulin, Peer Boehm, Ralf Kerbach, ORLANDO
Drawings and etchings
Hermann Albert
Maina-Miriam Munsky

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