100 days 100 galleries; Day 57: Mirus Gallery, Denver CO, San Francisco CA

Mirus | (adj): astonishing, extraordinary, strange
Championing new movements in contemporary art with locations in San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO
Mirus Gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by curator and art dealer, Paul Hemming. The gallery features a program of contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists in both solo and thematically organized group shows. Mirus Gallery highlights work that emphasizes skill and process and aims to engage viewers on a sentient, emotional and evocative level.

Carlos Fentanes: I like to call Art galleries chapels, they are like sanctuaries.
Unfortunately you don’t post too much photos of your sanctuary, what do you think? is it important the space or just the works of Art?

The gallery didn’t respond.

I have failed miserably in this one. Why I couldn’t engage with them in a conversation? Do they saw the messages at all? Maybe they hire a Social Network guy to manage the platforms and they don’t care what they tell about them. I don’t know, I’m just speculating.
And then I go back to the same conclusion: Art market in North America is moving by money; Art market in Europe is moving by culture. Europe is betting in educate people, North America is betting in explode people, so if you are not going to give money to their business you’re not accountable. Do I have to talk about money, something like: wow! did you see that this Banksy was sold in millions? Look at this lousy rabbit from Koons with a sold record. Then I can attract their attention.

NoMe Edonna
August 16 – September 7, 2019
Mario Mankey
Facts and Desires From Anthropocene
September 13 – October 5
Jose Louis Ceña Ruiz
October 11th – November 9

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