100 days 100 galleries; Day 58: Galerie Marek Krelewski, Freiburg Germany

The gallery shows contemporary works of regional and international artists in five to seven exhibitions a year. 
The focus of the gallery lies in theme-specific exhibitions and conceptual spatial situations.

Carlos Fentanes: Somebody is hacking your account! There’s a lo of nonsense images lastly.
Wait, wait wait… Actually Art in general is a lot of nonsense. I’m lost!

The gallery didn’t answer.

Another German Gallery and another fail. Yes, it’s difficult to engage them in a conversation, why is so hard? This gallery looks a lot as an avant garde gallery, with very interesting proposals and very, very much nonsense stuff and no explanation at all, just images, beside that, they don’t do any other explanation it’s like a happening in Instagram. How can you crack this? How can I make some sense of all this pieces?


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