100 days 100 galleries; Day 65: Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto ON

Opened in March of 2006, the Thompson Landry Gallery is one of the landmark tenants of the arts community at the Historic Distillery District. Pioneering new ground for galleries in Toronto, the Thompson Landry Gallery showcases both the very best of the new generation of contemporary artists, as well as the great masters of Quebec. Housed in a beautiful 2700 square foot space in the Stone Distillery Building, it is the only gallery in Toronto specializing purely in Quebec artists and sculptors.

Carlos Fentanes Hey I saw your last post and that wall looks terrific. Is it the original wall of an old building?
It makes the space cozier.

Thompson Landry Gallery: Thank you! The Stone Space is located across the street from the Cooperage Space, the original Thompson Landry Gallery. It’s housed in a beautiful 2700 square foot space adorned with original distilling equipment and artworks. With its fourteen foot ceilings and unique architecture, the Stone Gallery is the perfect location for private celebrations and intimate corporate gatherings.
I invite you to browse our website for more information: http://thompsonlandry.com/stone_rental.html
And if you want to visit our second location, you can go here: http://thompsonlandry.com/cooperage_rental.html
Please let us know if you have any questions!

And then: behold the Rental galleries. Do you have a wedding, a business dinner, celebrate Christmas? We have the right space for you… And the art gallery? Well, we use the space as Art gallery when it’s not in use…
Sometimes I want to set a gallery in a small local shop and put on it a small coffee bar with patisserie, is that wrong? I like to see art, and sometimes I don’t want to sell it so I can have it in a local shop and just show my collection why not. But if you are an artist do you want to have your art in a local shop? in a rental space for weddings? I don’t know, maybe this is not the gallery for me. It was a nice try anyways.

Autodafé I
Acrylic on canvas
144″ x 120″, 3 panels
Transpassing IX
Oil on canvas
48″ x 96″
Les vulnérables
Encaustic on Board
60″ X 72″

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