100 days 100 galleries; Day 66: BG Gallery, Santa Monica CA

bG gallery specializes in accomplished artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low and figurative-abstract.

Carlos Fentanes: I love that you show not only the works of art but also your space, that helps a lot in figuring out the scale of work.
Your space is really clean and neutral too. Who’s the curator?

BG Gallery: Thank you 🙂 the curator can be reached at info@bgartdealings.com

That was not exactly what I’ve expected but at least I get an answer.
Their space is like a warehouse, concrete floors, high ceilings where you can see the beams and the electric installation but everything seems so neutral that you barely perceive the space it’s almost everything about the artwork. I like those kind of spaces.

Their website doesn’t say anything about submissions or art callings. If they don’t say anything then it’s allowed to sent them an email. Let’s see what happen.

Teresa Flowers
Natalia Berglund
Ed Freeman

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