100 days 100 galleries; Day 67: Dependance Gallery, Brussels Belgium

Carlos Fentanes: Hello, I’m a Canadian artist and I’m trying to figure out how galleries work in Europe.
Here in North America Art galleries are shops and people goes to galleries to buy art, just like buying a TV or a car.
But what I’ve realized is that in Europe, Art galleries are like libraries where you go to read and learn. They promote art, and also they sell art but they are part of the cultural life of a city.
Am I right?

The gallery didn’t answer.

I tried again in Europe, this time in Belgium and I failed again in engaging a conversation. Can somebody tell me what’s the secret?
How is it possible that a promoter of art didn’t promote their art answering some easy questions? Are they interested in explain what is happening inside an European Gallery? Is it bureaucracy? Maybe there’s a lot of people involved on managing a gallery that people from social media has to pass questions to the “coordinator of incomes” and this one pass it to the right director and then they have to fill formats and return the question… until the end of the world.

I think I have to insist more on connect with European Galleries.

In their website there’s no information about the history of the gallery, nor about submissions either.

Welcome to Project Fear
wood, blackboard paint
265 x 100.5 x 8 cm
104.33 x 39.56 x 3.14 in
Benjamin Saurer
Zur Rebschänke
Installation view
Weiss Falk, Basel
Michaela Eichwald
Installation view
The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World

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