100 days 100 galleries; Day 68: Abend Gallery, Denver CO

Abend Gallery was established in 1990 and offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational painting by local, national, and internationally recognized artists. We are located in the historic Lower Downtown neighborhood of Denver, Colorado at 1412 Wazee St. This space is shared with Gallery 1261 and K Contemporary.

Carlos Fentanes: Hey, I was not able to visit our website, it says: domain expired. I wanted to look inside your animalia show.

Abend Gallery: Sorry about that. The link should be fixed now! Thanks – Connor

This is a weird one, I was trying to research information about this gallery to see what things we could have in common and start a conversation and I was thinking that maybe their last show “Animalia” could be a point of contact. But for my surprise the website was down and I don’t know if it was because they don’t care about their website or it was just neglect. The I wondered, do I wish to show my work in a gallery that doesn’t have a website? Serious galleries ask in the submission form about their website and is a non negotiable requisite, why can’t I ask for the same?

Is this a serious gallery, I don’t know and I’m not interested in finding out.
Wait, I found something else: they order artworks by price!, not by artist or by style but by price! that’s new for me too.

Hiroshi Sato
Red and Table 7, 2018
oil on canvas
32 x 38 in
Michael Van Zeyl
Yellow Breeze
24 x 18 in
Matthew Saba
Nest, 2018
Oil on panel
24 x 36 in

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