100 days 100 galleries; Day 69: White Square Gallery, Berlin Germany

emerged from the gallery Dieter Reitz Berlin and White Square Gallery Las Vegas ) was founded in the summer of 2009 by Dieter Reitz and Dr. med. 
Elena Sadykova founded. 
The gallery sets itself the task to participate with their projects in the global discussion about art, to give it a constructive and contemporary touch and to contribute with its own work to the general international cultural exchange.

Carlos Fentanes: As an Art gallery in Berlin what is better? a sold out show or a show that everybody is talking about?

The gallery didn’t answer.

This is something I always wonder about my art: do I want to create paintings to sell or for enlightenment. An then I realized that I had no option, I hadn’t sell a painting in the last 5 years, so I’m doing my art for my own enlightenment. But what about galleries, galleries are a business and they need sales to survive but on the other hand they are promoters of art.

Ashley Scott, The Green-Ladies’ Wrath, 2019
raw fiber and acrylic paint on wood panels
180 x 650 cm
Waldspaziergang, 2017
oil on canvas
155 x 210 cm
perimeter, 2008
oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

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