100 days 100 galleries; Day 70: The Artist Advisory, New York NY

The Artist Advisory is the first to offer advice to artists.

In a world where collectors, curators, dealers, and consultants have their own agendas – we are here to provide honest answers to artists, who are the true backbone of the art world.

Carlos Fentanes: I watched your video with Dina Brodsky and I have a question: you recommended there not posting works in progress.
The question is that I’m very slow, and sometimes a painting takes me months to complete, so I decided to post advances of my work in order to keep my audience engaged. What should I do?

And I have another question, this about your academy.
I’m going to apply for government grants for your academy but the decision for funding is going to be on January 2020 so I need to know when your course wil be available next year to fill out the paperwork.

The Artist Advisory: Hi Carlos! That’s amazing! It’s not an accredited institution yet so I don’t think government grants are going to work. I am not so sure when and if I will have another course like it. I am hoping to do it again in January 2020 but I need to make sure there’s enough interest.

Also, your posts of works in progress are fine but you should have more posts of the finished work – you can show details not the full image so that you aren’t being repetitive. Also, you should make them look more professional! So if you have framed finished work have images of that hanging on a nice wall!

Well, I don’t know if this count as a gallery, definitely she runs a gallery in NYC so I’m going to say that it’s fair to put her here, even if my question was more directed to an artist career but at the end that’s what you want to know from a gallery: where I’m going in my career.

There’s always good to hear some advice and put on practice to see if that’s true. So I post a photo of one of my paintings that I had at home, framed and everything and according to Instagram it’s been 95% more effective reaching people than my last posts that’s not bad at all. I have to say thanks for this tip.

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