100 days 100 galleries; Day 75: Bermel Von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin Germany

The gallery is specialized in international modern and contemporary art and transmits Art on the highest level.
The criteria of high artistic and aesthetic value is the key approach to see art of different historical and cultural backgrounds as a timeless expression of beauty. 
Bermel von Luxburg Gallery takes part at international art fairs and advises important collections.

Carlos Fentanes: What is the best way to get to your gallery?

The gallery didn’t answer.

I’m getting short of ideas, what should I ask? Would you want to meet a real artist?

How galleries use their Social Media platform? Did they check their messages? How many messages they receive? In some of the galleries websites they state something like this: Due to the big numbers of submissions we have, we cannot answer personally to all. Is it the same case with messages? Maybe or maybe not. Perhaps they don’t know that Instagram has a messenger included. Yes all this messages are sent to galleries through the IG messenger. Some of them respond, depending on the question: question about submissions are never answered, but question about an artist or the space are easier to get an answer.

Eduardo Chillida
Georges Grosz

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